Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Sandy Thompson chose her path

Five is my favourite number
But I have no use for an extra appendage
Four seems more appropriate
But that's just the way it is
Maybe someday evolution
Will give me just a little more
The choice is mine, but there's no proof
And there's no cure for ignorance

Two minutes of silence sometimes
Is better than an hour of tunes

Raise your head so you can be seen
Praise the snake; sometimes it's all that matters
Raise your head and you will be noticed
Fail to speak and forever hold your peace

There's only one thing left to be
So grow a pair or grow a pair

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


You call out to me, I feign ignorance
You inch forward
Even though I've been standing here for days,
This lightning is relentless
Your promises come clean, gleaming with truth
Covered in a coat of chaos, they call out

Draw me closer, I keep inching forward
This was not supposed to happen, you didn't return
But then you did, although I didn't see you
I never see you, I avert my gaze
You grip me
Over and over again, until I'm forced to look
Until you're out of sight again
Then there's the wait; the long and arduous wait
But I wait; it's what I do best

Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Time, With Bruises

I dream you in, I drain you out
You return, confusing
Grow on me, I cut you off
Always above me
One swift blow and a twelve step programme
Find the cure, blame the weak
Your thighs, open to interpretation
With instructions inscribed at the back

Oh my God, Oh my God
Write me a note, write me off
Oh my God, Oh my God
These leaves will all be blown away

I fuck you hard, you fuck me up
Every time, with bruises
You trip on me, I rip you out
Your roots will tie me down again
Ten swift blows, no twelve step programme
Will find the cure, steer the weak
Your thighs and rubber ducks belong
To someone less deserving

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comfort in disobedience

What surges out of me is nothing but indecency
What I long to give to you, but that's what I won't do
Anymore, any time, these butter soaked fingers 
Will get their grip and gouge out your truth

This time it's not me
It's just who you think I am
This time it's not me
I know that you're not real

Trying to be a billion things that comfort me
Comfort you, but that won't happen because it's you
These fallen filings, dropped down to the ceiling
Expect it not to go away, expect it to disobey

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Classroom Confusion

Conclusions will be drawn with the sound of nails on a blackboard
Even though I can see, still need someone to lead me
Always felt the need to be a little more, a little lost
And when you found me you were confused

What's hitting you this time?
Is it helping like you thought it would?
What's hitting you this time?
I hope you'll say it's me again

I took the high road, let you slip away
But you returned, only to push my buttons again
I know and you know where this will go
This time I won't watch, I'll be a part of this show

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clay and Bones and Us

I saw the stream and crossed it
Even though my feet were dry
I set forth with determination
And a sack of numbers on my back
The further I got, the lighter I felt
The closer I got, the farther you strayed
I thought this was better, bolder, bigger
But you continued following

It's all just hopes and dreams
Made of clay and bones and us
It's all just hopes and dreams
Your lovelessness and your mistrust

Like all misguided stars, when you start to crash
The dust that you inhale won't save you
This developing distance is just a dance away
But it's one you won't entertain
These messages are clear and fluid
Draining all the evidence of wasted trials
It hurts, but you won't want to admit
You might feel something, anything

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I took a step back, I couldn't breathe
It made me see exactly what I wanted
Getting back to basics making me sick
Making me bleed with confusion, turning you on
This incessant breathing must be stopped
It's the only cure I can find that cuts
This silence thick as the walls you've built
Chain me down, I won't try to escape.

Who said you could stay?
Watch me play and weigh me down

If breathing was an option, would you take it away?
Would you set fire instead to my legs
My eyes ache for they can still see
You in your multiple masks of madness
This track that plays on loop in my head
Creates an unkind echo, simulates
Stimulates your bad behavior, adds layers
It will not go unnoticed, you will be redeemed.