Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clay and Bones and Us

I saw the stream and crossed it
Even though my feet were dry
I set forth with determination
And a sack of numbers on my back
The further I got, the lighter I felt
The closer I got, the farther you strayed
I thought this was better, bolder, bigger
But you continued following

It's all just hopes and dreams
Made of clay and bones and us
It's all just hopes and dreams
Your lovelessness and your mistrust

Like all misguided stars, when you start to crash
The dust that you inhale won't save you
This developing distance is just a dance away
But it's one you won't entertain
These messages are clear and fluid
Draining all the evidence of wasted trials
It hurts, but you won't want to admit
You might feel something, anything

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