Friday, March 25, 2011


This is the path I choose again
I'm a glutton for punishment..
And as I move I recollect
All those times I won't forget
Where this is coming from
I love the thrill of a chase
But inevitably I end up short of breath
Chasing those coloured helium balloons around
Will be the death of me someday
But I'd do it again and again
Till it feels like I'll never be the same
And then I'll do it again

Round we go again
Spinning till everything looks the same
When it all ends, I will start over again..

Cos I believe that this insanity
Is what keeps me on my feet
And even though I'll end up on my knees
It's a feeling I can't ignore
But is this what you're looking for?
Is this what you want,
Not what you think you want
If it's not, then I'll move on..
And do it all over again

I know I'm not invincible
But I'm also not invisible

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